The history of the society


The EU funded project - EuroScan

For the first time a project related to Horizon Scanning had been funded


EuroScan network

As a spin off by the EU project, interested people and organization funded the EuroScan network.


EuroScan network and HTAi signed a Mou


EuroScan network and INAHTA signed a Mou


EuroScan network and WHO signed a Mou


EuroScan network and Redetsa signed a Mou


EuroScan international network e.V. 
as a scientific association is founded

The increasing activities in international affairs, with different societies and with WHO, as well as the participation in scientific projects forms the basis for a new structure of the network. 
At the same time the University Birmingham stopped the Horizon Scanning activities. DIMDI (German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information) offered to host the secretariat of a new structure.
To host the new structure of the member driven EuroScan was reconstructed as a non-for-profit association registered in Cologne, Germany.


Health Innovation and Technologies (HInT)

In 2019 EuroScan took the chance to be the owner of the open access journal on the eGMS platform


international HealthTechScan (i-HTS) 
by EuroScan international network e.V.

The increasing participation of members out of Europe raises for a long-time the question on the name of the network. In 2020 the membership decided to implement a brand name: international HealthTechScan. Under this brand all membership driven activities as the global network are collected.


Regional networks of i-HTS 
by EuroScan international network e.V.

To strengthen the interaction with WHO the general assembly decided to establish regional networks according to the WHO regions.


Evidence.Academy by i-HTS

The new training platform to support the capacity building activities is implemented and online. Together with the HTAi IG DEA group, training and educational, as well as daily activities are supported by the platform activities.


New Strategy

A new 5-year strategy had been developed to frame the future visions and actions.